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High Resolution available Attack on Titan Survival Game - Escape a Colossal Giant's Stomach!

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Apr/11/2014 (FRI) Opens: 28:50 Starts: 29:00
This program ended on 04/12/2014 (SAT) 06:14.
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<Real Escape Game Nico Live Special>
「Escape a Colossal Giant's Stomach!」
-15 minutes until you're digested!-

During a regular-scheduled announcement of a real escape game here at
the Nico Live Studio, a colossal titan suddenly appeared!

Before the terror-stricken staff is able to come to terms
with what happened, the entire studio is swallowed by the gaping
maw of a colossal titan!

You have 15 minutes and the clock is ticking...
That's 15 minutes left to escape the belly of a colossal titan
before being digested!

Solve all the puzzles of the colossal titan's belly and escape!


MC: Naoki Yoshida
(Nippon Broadcasting Announcer)
Commentary: Takao Kato
(SCRAP Representative) Photography: Satoshi Hirayama

Yuki Kaji
(Eren Yeager)
Yui Ishikawa
(Mikasa Ackerman)
Yu Kobayashi
(Sasha Blouse)

Look forward to seeing you there!


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