This program ended on 10/26/2013 (SAT) 08:04 .

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High Resolution available Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited World Championships '13

Floor Guide

Oct/25/2013 (FRI) Opens: 21:50 Starts: 22:00
This program ended on 10/26/2013 (SAT) 08:04.
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20 pros from 13 Asian and Oceanic countries will gather and square-off against one-another to determine who the king of the iron fist tournament will be... And Nico Live is bringing you live coverage of the entire event!

The schedule for the fighting fury is as follows:

<> *Times are in JST
◆October 26th (Sat)
2pm - [Opening Ceremony - Qualifiers]
*The 20 contenders will divide into 4 teams of 5 and the top players in each team will proceed
to the championship playoffs.

6pm - [Championship Playoffs]
*The top 8 players of the qualifiers will compete in double elimination style.

Nico Live will be there bringing you the play-by-play for top players such as "Yuu" and others!

Get ready for the ultimate brawl from players around the world!


■World Championships Special Site (Community Live)

*Stream quality may vary due to equipment and internet speed available at venue.


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