This program ended on 03/06/2013 (WED) 06:00 .

~Night 2~ History of SuG - 3 nights of SuG

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Mar/05/2013 (TUE) Opens: 23:50 Starts: 24:00
This program ended on 03/06/2013 (WED) 06:00.
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March 5th (Tuesday) Starts at 5:00 PM! Reserve your timeshift!
March 6th(Wednesday) Starts at 5:00 PM! Reserve your timeshift!
March 7th(Thursday) Starts at 5:00 PM! Reserve your timeshift!

Program Information
For the release of SuG’s best hits album, “BEST 2010-2012”, we’re happy to announce 3 nights of broadcasting only on Nico Live!

Music clips, live shows, and interviews with the band from 2010 will be available all in 1!
We'll also be showing a SuG Free Broadcast for Free Niconico Members!

Also, at the end of the broadcasts on March 5th and 6th we'll be giving Premium Members a sneak peek at the DVD "This is O" that will go on sale on April 10th!!!

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Nico Live Schedule
March 5th ~Night 1~ History of SuG①

March 6th ~Night 2~ History of SuG②

March 6th ~Night 2~ Nico Live of SuG's Best

Release Info
『BEST 2010-2012』

PCCA.03805 8,800 yen(tax in)

PCCA.03806 3,000 yen(tax in)

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