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This program ended on 12/22/2015 (TUE) 25:24 .

高画質対応 Street Fighter 5 Tournament -Meet your rival [GP TV]

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Dec/22/2015 (TUE) Opens: 19:50 Starts: 20:00
This program ended on 12/22/2015 (TUE) 25:24.
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▼Program Details
Get ready for one of the first ever Street Fighter 5 (STV) tournaments!
「Meet Your Rival!」

▼Pre-game Release Tournament
A Street Fighter V tournament (using a developed version of the game)
is going to be held in Shinjuku, Tokyo (Japan).

Entry is free with no special qualifications required.
The winner of this contest will receive a PS4 version of "Street Fighter 5!
(*the prize will be rewarded after the game's February release)

Don't think you're good enough?
No need to worry. The game isn't out yet so everyone will be mostly
on the same page. You never you, you might just be the best of all!

▼How do I practice?
The third STV beta test is going to be available Dec 18th (evening)
until the 20th. This will be accessible for anyone who has a
PlayStationRPlus account.

Don't miss your chance to level up before the tournament!

For details, visit the Street Fighter V official site!

▼Sign up for the tournament here

■Game Title
Street Fighter V PS4 version




■Tournament Rules
・Singles tournament for 64 competing participants
・3 round matches
・All matches will be set for 3 rounds, 99 seconds
・Tournament Style
・No restrictions concerning used characters
・Pausing during a match will result in the round being given to your opponent.

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