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This program ended on 12/06/2014 (SAT) 25:05 .

高画質対応 20 years of Tekken fanfare event and lottery sweepstakes

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Dec/06/2014 (SAT) Opens: 19:20 Starts: 19:30
This program ended on 12/06/2014 (SAT) 25:05.
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Mark your calendars for December 7th and get ready for the first ever Tekken fan-based
event celebrating the series 20th year anniversary!
Don’t miss your chance to hear the latest on Tekken 7 or the chance to win big at the event’s lottery sweepstakes!
The event will also feature an exhibition tournament where some of the world’s greatest
Tekken players will meet to battle it out!
5 and half hours of epic action coming your way live!!!

Katsuhiro Harada (leader of the Tekken project)
Yuriko Tiger
Special guest(s)

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