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This program ended on 08/01/2014 (FRI) 29:36 .

高画質対応 World Cosplay Summit Championships Live Stream

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Aug/01/2014 (FRI) Opens: 25:20 Starts: 25:30
This program ended on 08/01/2014 (FRI) 29:36.
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Representatives from all over the globe will gather in Nagoya, Japan to
compete in the world cosplay summit championship to determine who is the
best-of-the-best is, and Nico Live will be there covering it live!

Judges will determine who the best cosplayer in the world is based on
a 2 and a half minute performance of representatives from 22 countries.

Who will be crowned the world grandmaster of cosplay? Watch to find out!

[Competing Countries]
Japan, Australia, Denmark, Britain, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong,
Brazil, Spain, America, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan,
China, Finland, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, France
and the Netherlands

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