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This program ended on 06/12/2014 (THU) 11:29 .

高画質対応 FF14 Producer Letter Live: #15

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Jun/12/2014 (THU) Opens: 09:30 Starts: 10:00
This program ended on 06/12/2014 (THU) 11:29.
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Producer Yoshida will be present to answer all your Final
Fantasy 14 questions in real time live from E3!

Don't miss it!

■Date & Time
Friday, June 13, 2014 From 2:00pm

■Broadcast Overview
First reveal content! Patch 2.3 contents special part 2

Other announcements

■How to ask questions
Questions are being taken via the official forum thread.
Also, you can ask questions on the day of the live stream
via the FF14 official Twitter account (@FF_XIV_JP)
with the hashtag "#XIVLive".

Official question forum:
FF14 official Twitter account:

■Accepted Question Themes
PvP Front Line
Crystal Tower
Main Quest/ Side Quests
Raising Chocobos
Housing (Private rooms)

Producer Yoshida will be there to answer questions
to the fullest degree possible!


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