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This program ended on 05/24/2014 (SAT) 26:25 .

高画質対応 Puzzles & Dragons Fan Festival 2014 Stage Live Stream

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May/24/2014 (SAT) Opens: 17:20 Starts: 17:30
This program ended on 05/24/2014 (SAT) 26:25.
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This broadcast is direct coverage of the Puzzles & Dragons Fan Festival 2014's GungHo Festival 2014!!
Prepare to be astounded as the latest big title collaborations announcements and special guests are revealed!

Also look forward to updates of the Puzzles & Dragons 2nd Japan Cup and
Puzzles & Dragons Z Dragon Colloseum Cupsemi-finals!

The Number one Puzzles & Dragons player in Japan will be crowned on this stage!

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