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This program ended on 02/19/2014 (WED) 20:55 .

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Puzzles & Dragons 2 Year Celebration - New Content Revealed!

Floor Guide

Feb/19/2014 (WED) Opens: 19:30 Starts: 20:00
This program ended on 02/19/2014 (WED) 20:55.
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Brand-new content is coming to Puzzles & Dragons in 2014!
And that new content will at last be unveiled in this live stream!

Plus various announcements for Puzzles & Dragons and Puzzles & Dragons Z!

■Special Site URL:

From 6:00pm the same day, a Puzzles & Dragons live stream is also planned!
GungHo Official Puzzles & Dragons Live Stream - 10 Match Advent Challenge
Doors Open at 5:50pm, Starts at 6:00pm.