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This program ended on 01/24/2014 (FRI) 29:50 .

高画質対応 FFXIV Producer Letter Live: Part 12

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Jan/24/2014 (FRI) Opens: 27:30 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 01/24/2014 (FRI) 29:50.
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Saturday, January 25 from 9:00pm (JST)

■Broadcast Overview
Loads of new info about content for Patch 2.2- Part 1
 Newly added boss: "Leviathan" and
 instance dungeon "Ruins of Amdapor",
and "The Binding Coil Of Bahamut" update.
 Show off info for "Hildibrand" sub story quest!
*Titles are subject to change.

Talk Session "Ask the Team!"
 Assistant director Hiroshi Takai will make an appearance to
talk about the game's design and answer burning questions from players!

Follow-up! FFXIV PlayStation®4 version
 The latest details revealed for PlayStation®4 version of FFXIV!

Other Announcements

■How to Ask Questions
Official Forum:『Here』.

Official Forum Question Thread:

FFXIV Official Twitter Account:

[Questions Being Accepted]
・The Binding Coil of Bahamut update
・New instance dungeon "Ruins of Amdapor"
・Questions for assistant director Hiroshi Takai


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