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This program ended on 12/14/2013 (SAT) 06:36 .

高画質対応 FFXIV Producer Letter Live: Part 11

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Dec/13/2013 (FRI) Opens: 27:00 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 12/14/2013 (SAT) 06:36.
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This Saturday, December 14 at 9pm JST the producer/director of FF14, Naoki
Yoshida, will live streaming part 11 of his regular live producer letter.
During this live stream, Yoshida-san answers various questions from players
around the world in real time.

This time be sure to ask questions about the upcoming Patch 2.1 content!

■Broadcast Overview
Tons of never-before-seen info on patch 2.1 contents (Part 2)
 Acquire treasure from treasure maps in "Treasure Hunt",
 Test your might against other players in the "Wolves' Den",
 Also info on the "Barbarian Quests" as well!

Revealed at last! FF14 on Playstation®4!
 First-ever look at the PlayStation®4 version and PlayStation®Vita
 remote play

・Other Announcements

■How to Get Your Questions Answered
Post your questions on the official forum before the broadcast.
Also, follow the official FF14 Twitter account, "(@FF_XIV_JP)",
and tweet your questions using the hashtag "#XIVLive".

Official forum question thread:

FF14 Official Twitter Account:

[Questions to be Answered]
・Patch 2.1 contents
・Wolves' Den
・Barbarian Daily Quests
・Treasure Hunt
・Other Patch 2.1 contents
・PlayStation®4 version of FF14


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