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This program ended on 12/12/2013 (THU) 06:32 .

高画質対応 Luna Sea New Album Release Party 24-Hour Special

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Dec/10/2013 (TUE) Opens: 29:50 Starts: 06:00
This program ended on 12/12/2013 (THU) 06:32.
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冬の32日間連続!! 音楽ライブ祭り

For the first time in almost 13 and a half years, Luna Sea
is releasing a new album: "A Will". And to celebrate this
momentous occasion, Nico Live is bringing you a 24-hour
special broadcast!

Program Overview
Prepare to be entertained by a 108 song countdown along with
a live appearance by Sugizo!
Event Schedule
12/11(Wed)11:00pm- Program Start
12/11(Wed)10:00- Luna Sea Original 108 Song Countdown
           Luna Sea Song User Favorite Ranking
      8:00pm- Tally Time
      10:00pm- Finale - Sugizo Live Appearance
*Broadcast time and content is subject to change without prior notice.

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