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This program ended on 06/29/2013 (SAT) 29:28 .

高画質対応 Live flumpool - The Return of Sakai Kazuki!

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Jun/29/2013 (SAT) Opens: 26:20 Starts: 26:30
This program ended on 06/29/2013 (SAT) 29:28.
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Will flumpool's guitarist make a triumphant return?!
Witness this free live concert along with the return of Kazuki Sakai!
"Judgement Day" is here!

Vowing to his fans he would one day pick up the guitar once again after
achieving a body weight of 64 kg, Kazuki Sakai has followed through on
his word in his comeback debut -- "Judgement Day"!

* Premium Members only "Will flumpool's guitarist Kazuki Sakai make his
triumphant comeback!? Judgement day is here!"
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