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高画質対応 Cho Nico Radio II: Niconico Choukaigi 2 Live [DAY 2]

Floor Guide

Apr/27/2013 (SAT) Opens: 17:20 Starts: 17:30
This program ended on 04/27/2013 (SAT) 24:27.
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Get a great deal on entry tickets for the Niconico Choukaigi 2 on April 27th through
28th at participating internet websites and convenience stores

Live from a special booth inside the Choukaigi event hall, the one and only
Yamada Hisashi will be bringing you 2 days of live coverage on all the
goings on for the Choukaigi 2!

Whether you're attending, or spectating the event from afar, be sure
to tune in and check us out for the latest scoop on everything Choukaigi!

Our 8 hour live broadcast of Day 1 kicks off at 9:30am and ends at 5:30pm!
We'll be there with camera in hand, bringing you the thrill of it all from the very
moment the doors open!

With your help we hope to reach 1 million comments over
the course of the two-day event!!!

Want the skinny on the many categories and booths at the Choukaigi 2?
Never fear as we are there to bring you up to speed!

This program will be your atlas to the various official live broadcasts
capturing all of Choukaigi 2. Think of it as your guide to all that is
Choukaigi 2!

Several guests will be making appearances as well!
We'll also be covering all the famous artists for each event, booth
participants, and popular vocaloid producers as well as so much more!
▼Main Personality - Yamadahisashi
 Assistants - Nishida Shin, Hyaka Ryoran,Satsukigatenkomori
 Artists - Seramikaru & Gogatsu Byou Mario

▼Nico Radio Star Lineup
 Announcement of guest stars (* Still more to come!)

Sunday, April 28th

  ・Game Jikkyou Master  Kamakubi
  ・Live Master  Moro/Kokujin / Kaebyon
  ・From DearGIRL  Baba Ryouba-san
  ・Starring in Cho Party:  Miume / Kamen Raia 217 / Ririri / Aoi / Lefty Monster
And that's not all!!!

  ・Yugamine Ano Aniki
   ・Saikin Shaba ni Detekita Ano Hito
   ・Mofu Mofu Shita Aitsu

Cleopatra, Maximum Barbarsum, Katsuobushi, Dodon, Setsuko, and many more!
[Nico Radio performers] will also be joining the fray!

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