Niconico Live

This program ended on 03/30/2013 (SAT) 27:11 .

Niconico Sing-Off! (Sponsored by Nintendo & JOYSOUND)

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Mar/30/2013 (SAT) Opens: 20:45 Starts: 21:00
This program ended on 03/30/2013 (SAT) 27:11.
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Niconico invites you to sing your heart out this Sunday, March 31st
(SUN) from 1pm!

■Nico Live
Doors Open at 12:45pm
Starts at 1pm
Ends at 8pm
Step onto the Nico Farre stage and show everyone the fruits
of all the karaoke practice on your Wii U! Countless artists
have come before you and now it's time for you to strut
your stuff in the spotlight.

We hope you like a dazzling light show because Nico Farre's
memorizing LED screens coupled with your Mii and Nico fan
comments are totally gonna rock your world!

Whether you're a slick crooner or sound like a cat getting mangled
in a garbage truck, we encourage everyone to take a step inside
our giant karaoke box for some all-out fun!

[Organizer] Dwango
[Sponsors] Nintendo, XING


We look forward to seeing you there!