Talk to the World!

Discover the fun!

At this very second, thousands of niconico users
are talking to the world. Won’t you let the world hear your voice?
You can do this in three easy steps
No camera or mic needed!

Live stream!

step1Get Premium

Register for Niconico Premium. »

A premium account is required to live stream on Niconico.

step2Create Community

Create Community

An area for program fans to socialize!

step3Let the live streaming begin!

Go Live

Chat, sing, draw, game, or even take the broadcast outside!

Stream programs without a camera or mic!!

Broadcast Tools


  • *Only available in Japanese language.

Stream in high quality


NLE (Niconico Live Encoder)

High-quality image live streaming software packed with useful features.

  • *Only available in Japanese language.

Live stream with other devices

Niconico Smartphone App

Niconico Smartphone App

Make live broadcasts from your iPhone or Android.
Start your own show anytime, anywhere using your smartphone!

PS Vita

PS Vita

Live stream from your PS Vita and you'll be able to add effects such as graffiti and much more to your broadcasts!

  • *Only available in Japanese language.
PlayStation 4


With a touch of button you can live stream your playing sessions from your PlayStation®4! Become a live broadcaster for a limited time with the free PS4 trial session!

  • *Only available in Japanese language.