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This program ended on 03/20/2013 (WED) 06:37 .

高画質対応 [Kalafina] 4th ALBUM "Consolation" Album Kick-Off Spectacular

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Mar/19/2013 (TUE) Opens: 28:50 Starts: 29:00
This program ended on 03/20/2013 (WED) 06:37.
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Kalafina, famous for singing the opening themes to the mega-hit
anime "Fate/Zero" and "Gekijoban Magic Girl Madoka, Magika" are
commemorating the March 20th release of their 4th album "Consolation"
with a live performance spectacular!

Enjoy the performance and chat with the band!

4th Album "Consolation"-On Sale March 20th-
☆First Production Limited Edition A (CD + DVD):¥3,800 (w/tax)
☆First Production Limited Edition A (CD + BD):¥4,000 (w/tax)
☆Regular Version: ¥3,000 (w/tax)

M-01. al fine
M-02. consolation
M-03. moonfesta
M-04. Door
M-05. Mirai
M-06. Hanataba
M-07. signal
M-08. obbligato
M-09. Kiichibo no Shigemi ni
M-10. Manten
M-11. to the beginning
M-12. Hikarifuru
M-13. Yume no Daichi